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The SodaBlue Membership Management suite is a self-contained website which provides administrative tools for the ASP.NET Membership and Role provider framework.

This is still in a early beta experimental stage. I should have something workable up in a few weeks, and will put up a demo on my website.

When I say early beta... I mean it. I'm using this to learn AJAX and some DHTML techniques.


When configured correctly, this suite of tools can be used seamlessly within your own website, alleviating having to create your own. This was created to form a starting point for several of my own project ideas.

It's a similar idea to Peter Kellner's MSDN article Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Member/Role Management with IIS, Part 3: AJAX Enhancements with Microsoft Atlas.


Iteration 1

  • Add/Delete Users
  • Add/Delete Roles
  • Assign Users to Roles

Iteration 2

  • Handle configuration better, that is, if questions enabled use them, etc
  • Support Profiles in a configurable manner, that is use a provider model to handle different types of data

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